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Who do you say I am?

Who do you say I am?

This Tuesday, following the morning Mass at 9.30am, we continue our exciting series of reflections (lasting no more than a hour – 10.15am – 11.15am) aimed at deepening our understanding of the person of Jesus so as to deepen our friendship with him. Simple and uncomplicated, these reflections will take place around a cup of coffe or tea and so cake. There will be a short input, introducing the theme of the session, and then time to enter into conversation with those around your table. The sessions are not academic nor high-brow… just a simple, gentle way to explore our relationship with the Lord, to deepen that relationship so as to enable us to grow in confidence in the way we live and the way we prclaim our faith in confidence and in love.

The Tuesday Cafe sessions are open to everyone… and you’d be more than welcome.


May 22 – Who are you looking for – I am he!

May 29 – I am the bread of life

12 June – I am the light of the world

19 June – I am the good shepherd

26 June – I am the gate

3 July – I am the resurrection and the life

10 July – I am the vine, you are the branches

17 July – I am the way, the truth, and the life


There is a poster in the narthex.

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