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Third Sunday of Easter

Third Sunday of Easter

22 April 2012 – Third Sunday of Easter (B)

THIS SUNDAY: We continue to think about the Resurrection this week, from three different perspectives: the Gospel gives us another story of Jesus appearing to his disciples – this time the beautiful story of the meeting in Jerusalem, when Jesus proves he is alive and no ghost by eating some grilled fish: he reminds the disciples that all he suffered and rise so the “repentance for the forgiveness of sins” could be preached to the whole world. The first reading shows us Saint Peter’s doing just that, as he addresses the crowd in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost: he takes them through recent events (fifty days earlier), highlighting the important point, that he and the disciples can witness to the raising of Jesus from the dead, and calling them to “repent and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out.” The second reading brings this into our lives: the resurrection is not just a historical event, which we remember. By baptism (which we renewed at Easter) we become part of Jesus in his dying and his rising, as he ‘becomes the sacrifice that takes our sins away’. So all that Saint John tells us about the commandments and avoiding sin is our way of living the Resurrection.

EASTER REFLECTION BOOKLETS: These simple reflections taking you through each of the fifty days of Easter are still available from the Narthex, priced £1. Pick up your copy from the table.

TAIZE MUSIC AND PRAYER: In the midst of the Easter Season, we gather to celebrate the living presence of the Risen Christ – our hope and our life. This beautiful and simple evening of reflection will draw our attention towards the Resurrection. Monday 23 April at 7.30pm (that’s this coming Monday). Do come along; we deepen our relationship with the Lord through prayer, through the scriptures, and through beautiful, simple, chant. All are most welcome, and chance to invite our ecumenical friends, too.

TUESDAY CAFÉ: Beginning on Tuesday 22 May, our parish will start a short series of catechesis, deepening our understanding of the person of Jesus. Titled ‘Who are you looking for? I am he.’ this course spread out over nine weeks will explore the titles of Jesus we find in the Gospel. The format will be simple and uncomplicated. We meet after Mass at about 10.15am for a short little input and then leaving time for conversation around the table to explore the theme a little further. We have a wonderful, simple chance to deepen our understanding of  who Jesus is and what it means to be a Catholic… and all over a cuppa, beginning to explore what lies at the heart of what we believe. The sessions are open to everyone and you are warmly encouraged to come along and to bring friends with you. There will be a good cup of coffee or tea and some cakes, too. Dates: 22 May, 29 May, 12 June, 19 June, 26 June, 3 July, 10 July, and 17 July. We start at 10.15am and will meet for an hour… simple, informative, engaging, and uncomplicated. The full programme of titles will appear next week.

PARISH FORUM: The Forum group meets again on Wednesday 25 April at 7.30pm in the presbytery.

FIRST COMMUNION PREPARATION: The children preparing for First Communion this summer pick up their preparation again after the Easter break, they meet on Wednesday 25 April in school. They come to celebrate the gift of the Cross NEXT Sunday, 29 April, at 10.30am Mass.

PARISH LITURGY GROUP: The group meets next on Wednesday 16 May at 7.30pm (after Mass) in the presbytery.

OPENING THE WINDOWS – IN CELEBRATION OF VATICAN II: The fifth lecture in our diocesan series takes place at the Cathedral on Tuesday 15 May, beginning at 7.30pm. Professor Gavin D’Costa from Bristol University leads the reflection upon the Church reaching out to those of other faiths. He will explore the Declaration on the relation of the Church to non-Christian religions – Nostra Aetate, and the Declaration on Religious Freedom – Dignitatis Humanae. They have been fantastic lectures so far. Do go along. There’s plenty of parking and it is free to get in, too.

GOOD SHEPHERD SUNDAY – DAY OF PRAYER FOR VOCATIONS: Next Sunday, the Fourth Sunday of Easter is a Sunday where we focus our prayer each year upon praying for Vocations to the Priesthood, the Diaconate, and to the Religious Life. The second collection is taken next Sunday for the Diocesan Priests’ Training Fund. This fund supports the students for the priesthood and permanent diaconate of our diocese in their years of formation, and also supports the ongoing formation of our priests. Do please give as generously as you can and keep this intention in your prayers.

PARISH MAGAZINE: The Easter/Spring edition of the parish Magazine is available from the Narthex. Do pick your copy as there are some interesting articles in it. They are free and if you want to pop a little something towards production costs in with the newspaper money, then please feel free to do so. You will notice that many of the groups within the parish are seeking to recruit some new faces. If you can respond in any way to their requests or you want to find out a little more and how much commitment is needed, do get in touch with the particular individuals who are inviting you to use your wonderful talents and skills for the good of our parish community.

RONALD COUTTS RIP: Our prayers are offered for Ronald Coutts who died this last week, and we keep his family in our prayers at this time. We also keep in our prayers those who are sick, and for those who are suffering and close to death at this time. May God’s Holy Spirit give them comfort, solace and peace.

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