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Beware ! Who knows what is around the corner?

Beware ! Who knows what is around the corner?

Each new day we are blessed with can offer unseen opportunities. Also, you are never too old to try your hand at something new! Jan Moody, shares her experience.


BEWARE of decisions – they can be dodgy
Bernard asked if I would like to contribute to the  magazine. So here is my
contribution. It’s an account of unexpected happenings which for me have their
source in the loving kindness of God …

BEWARE of decisions – they can be dodgy

Seven years ago John and I were feeling trapped. We were caring for his dear old mum. So we made a decision to have a professional carer into our home for one evening a week. We wanted to do something to lift our spirits. This was duly arranged. Decision time again  … what could we do with the evening?????

……………..Two weeks later we were signed-up members of a choir!

And over the next three years we experienced the graft of learning our parts; keeping in time and holding our notes; giving shape and expression to the musical phrases  … then came the memorable uplift of singing beautiful music together for our families and friends.

During this time John’s mum went into a home as we could no longer cope. One day we thought it a good idea to get some songs together with a friend we’d met in the choir and sing them to the folk in mum’s home. It was a rewarding experience. So we did it again, and again. And as some people were hard of hearing we started to dress up in appropriate clothes for the theme of our songs.

Then our friend Alison, who’d had professional experience in the theatre, started to write stories to incorporate the songs. Beware we should have been. We hadn’t planned to be so active in our 60s. For three years we took our stories and songs into various Homes.

Developing as we were, another decision was looming. How could we improve the quality of our singing? With the confidence of the unaware, we arranged to have a singing lesson. This proved to be a shock. Fairly and squarely it dawned on us that none of us knew how to sing!

What could we do about THAT?

Well, we decided to have some more lessons and then signed up for a 15 monthsinging training course. With difficulty, great difficulty, we have just finished this training – 40 days of contact time and an unimaginable amount of studying and practice. What we learned was inconceivable before we started. As the training progressed we were being given many ‘tools’ to work on our music.
These ‘tools’ are already paying off. You know yourselves the pleasure you feel when you know you’ve done a good job.  We are experiencing that pleasure now.

Each one of the 40 days contact time, (grouped into 12 modules) waschallenging, rewarding and great fun.
The result: we do feel more equipped, we enjoy singing more now and it seems our audiences appreciate our ‘shows’ all the more.

For me, Jan, this has been a God-given opportunity at a time when I am again involved in caring full time and so rarely able to come to church. We never dreamed that we would be students again in our 60s learning new

So for anyone reaching the tender age of 60 – BEWARE.


Jan Moody



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