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A passion for music shared

A passion for music shared

A love and passion for music and the pleasure in sharing it with others.

But it wasn’t always so. For many years we sang hymns (andJohn played the piano); we listened to jazz and classical music mainly but with a growing family and working, leisure time was rather scarce.

We are still pretty busy, but we now take a day a week to sing. Every Tuesday, from 10 in the morning till 9 at night, you will find us singing … all three of us, our friend Alison, me, Jan, and my husband John who provides terrific piano accompaniment.

We call ourselves ‘Autumn Leaves’. And our starting point was getting a few songs together to entertain John’s mum and the other residents in the Home she was in. That was five years ago.

As we have progressed together, taking different shows into other Homes and Day Centres, our talents now include; creating scenery, acting, memorising scripts and dressing up in all sorts of appropriate costumes. Oh, and a few of our shows include a spot of dancing.

None of us, however, has ever thought we were talented.  But we’ve taken courage and dived in with ‘let’s-have-a-go’ bravado. Around us we’ve found good sources of encouragement and direction. Our biggest investment was a 15 month singing and musicianship course (run by ‘Tonalis’ based in Stroud); this has given us the tools to improve our singing. We have a friend who gives us dramatic direction whenever we launch a new show. Alison herself uses her theatre experience of yore to write and advise. And John, with the encouragement of Bristol Piano Club and a couple of Jazz workshops, has become a pianist you want to listen to.

So to summarise. The experience of making a difference to groups of people we have come to know and appreciate is keeping us going. And although it’s hard work, it’s great fun too.

What never occurred to me before was that the latent talents we all have can start to bloom when friends help each other. And for us, our passion for music has led us into doing what we never before imagined ourselves doing.

Music – it’s our passion. John and I just love it and it’s a real joy to be sharing it.

Jan Moody

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