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On the road to First Communion

On the road to First Communion

On the road to my First Communion 2011




This June, 20 children from our parish and from St Gerard Majella’s will be making their first Confession
and Communion at St Bernadette’s Church. We started preparing in January bylooking at our Church.  I liked getting
to go onto the sanctuary and seeing the relics hidden in the altar. None of us even knew they were there!


The next sessions –taken by Mrs Pattison, Fr Christopher and Mrs Payne – have all been held in the Bungalow at St
Bernadette’s Primary.  We looked at everything from our own Baptisms, the Liturgy and the Bible through to
Reconciliation and the Eucharist.  We learned about all these things through discussion, prayer, Bible stories, word
searches and drawing.


We started our sacramental journey when we were baptised.  Now we are going to begin
the next stage.  These two sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion are the ones that we will use again and again
throughout our lives, not just when we are children but as grown-ups too.  They are there to help us come closer to
God.  Confession helps us to say sorry to God, to gain forgiveness and sacramental grace to strengthen us to do better
next time.  Communion gives us the Body and Blood of Jesus, and we are completely gathered into His Body too.


I am really excited about making my First Holy Communion in a few weeks’ time.  Thank you from me and all the First Communion
children for your prayers for us while we have been preparing for these


By Jessica Critten, age 8.

The other Children
taking their first communion are:-

Rahul Vinoy,
Oliver Towe, James Fry, Chloe Jefferies, Fred Durow, Sophie Payne, George Cock,
Rosie Pattison,  Kara Richards, Rory
Jones, Millie Gould, Eva Albert, Rory O’Driscoll, Sophie Lowson, Harry McGovern,
Aldrich Virata, Achile Tom, Isobella Khan, and
Liam Monks

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