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An Allegorical tale? but true !

An Allegorical tale? but true !

An extract from our most recent edition of our Parish Magazine.


Notes from Abroad or the Land of Pies

Barry Humphries in his Ode to Pies wrote ” I think that I shall never spy, A poem as lovely as a pie, A banquet in one course, Embellished in tomato sauce”. He was possibly making a claim for Australia to be the land of pies. Whilst Oz may have some claim to the title, even having a chain of shops called ‘Pie Face’ it is New Zealand that is truly the land of pies. Breathtaking scenery, spectacular geological phenomena, abundant flora and quirky fauna impress the visitor but it the sheer quality and variety of pies that capture the imagination.

Every city centre and roadside cafe has a heated display cabinet full of pies. The litany of pies is endless starting with the familiar to the outright exotic. As well as steak and kidney, steak and onion, steak and cheese there is venison, lamb and sweet potato, seafood, mussel, the big breakfast pie, sweet potato and pesto to name but a few. These hand grenade heart attacks are all encased in buttery short crust pastry and have a rich gravy or sauce. Each one requires at least three serviettes to clean up afterwards. New Zealand is truly pie heaven.

The love of pies may be associated with the many Irish immigrants who came in the 19th century to make a better life for themselves. Evidence for this migration can be found in the number of Catholic churches, even in the smallest townships. Also, the Catholic Church is facing the same problems as we are having with the shortage of priests and the merging of parishes.

Gordon Hodgson

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