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Second Sunday of the Year (B)

Second Sunday of the Year (B)

15 January 2012 – Second Sunday of the Year

THIS SUNDAY: What does it mean to be a follower of the Lord Jesus? Surely to listen and hear his voice, and to go where he leads us. Today, as we enter the “ordinary” season of the year, we begin our story of Jesus’ life and ministry with the calling of the first disciples. John fulfils his ministry – pointing to the Lamb of God – and the disciples follow where he points. His word to them is simple and inviting: “Come and see.” This echoes the calling of Samuel – a simple call, by name, which Samuel does not understand: discipleship is about trust, which Samuel shows simply by saying “Speak, Lord; your servant is listening. The Psalm also underlines this, as we (the disciples of the Lord) sing together: “Here I am, Lord! I come to do your will.” We hear his call, and we freely go to him, to listen again to the words of the Master.

ARCHBISHOP NICOLA GIRASOLI: We welcome to our parish this coming Sunday, Archbishop Girasoli who is en route from Zambia to his new posting in the beautiful region of the West Indies. He flies on Monday to take up his new responsibilities as representative of the Holy Father to the twelve states around Trinidad and Tobago. As stops over in the UK and has graciously accepted an invitation to spend a little time with us this Sunday. As we welcome him back to Whitchurch, we assure him of our continued prayer for all he does to represent the Church and its mission in what he does. Do come and say ‘hello’ to him this weekend.

THE CRIB: As we move into Ordinary Time, our church begins to be cleared of the decoration from Christmas. Over in the Lady Chapel, however, you will find that familiar scene of the crib which remains in place until 2 February. Do go and spend a little time at the crib, most especially with loved ones and family. We allow the loving touch of God precisely into the ordinariness of our lives so that we might know he is near to us in all that we do and all we go through in life. The little basket remains there, also, for you crib offerings for the homeless and the refugee in Bristol.

FIRST COMMUNION 2012: We continue to pray for: Graziella Bennett, Kieran Parsons, Joshua Sims, Evie Nathasingh, Billy Jackson, Divya Rajesh, Megan Sanders, Maisie Sanders, Tommy Holland, William Bennett, Joseph Bennett, Georgina Cox, Isabelle O’Toole, Shane Parry, Tore Popek, Calum Chilcott, Callum Witts, and Archie Daniels. The preparation sessions for our youngsters picks up again from Wednesday 25 January. There is a parents’ meeting this coming Thursday – 19 January – at 7.00pm in the Church. Please do make a note of the date.

CELEBRATION OF MARRIAGE: Although it seems some time away, the Bishop invites all married couples to join him as part of National Marriage Week on Saturday 11 February in the Cathedral for Mass at 12noon. It’s a wonderful gathering from across our diocese. Do go along and celebrate the beautiful state of married life with him. Poster on the board and copies for you to take away from the narthex. If you are celebrating a significant anniversary this year (25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th, 50th, 55th, 60th, 65th…) please do let Fr Christopher know that he can ensure you receive your individual invitations from the bishop.

FIFTY YEARS ON – VATICAN II: Responding to our Bishop’s pastoral letter last weekend and his invitation to listen to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, the next in our series of reflections on the Council is on Tuesday 24 January 2012 at 7.30pm. Fr Timothy Menezes will be leading our consideration upon Sacrosanctum Concilium, the Council’s document on the liturgy. This fantastic series of talks Opening the Windows offers us a simple route into re-introducing ourselves to the fruits of the Second Vatican Council. Do go along if you can. It is free, open to everyone, and there’s plenty of parking, too. Downloads on diocesan website.

PARISH FORUM GROUP meets again on Wednesday 8 February at 7.45pm in the presbytery.

GROWING IN CONFIDENCE IN OUR FAITH IN 2012: There will be one or two opportunities for us, as a parish community, to explore our faith, to ask questions about our faith, and grow in our confidence to live and proclaim our faith throughout this year. The spring will offer us chance to come together in an informal way to ask simple questions and find simple answers. There’s also something planned for the autumn to enable us, as a parish community, to take up the bishop’s invitation to explore to teachings of the Vatican Council. Watch this space and get ready to respond, maybe, to the invitations on offer.

FOR OUR PRAYERS: We keep in our prayers Raymond Balson who died recently and whose funeral takes place on January 19, and also Daniel Fenlon who died in Thailand just before Christmas, aged 25.  Daniel’s funeral took place this last Friday. We also remember Ronald O’Neil who died suddenly before last weekend and whose funeral will take place on Friday 27 January here in St Bernadette’s. We remember them and their families at this sad time. May they rest in peace.

PARISH LITURGY GROUP: Fr Christopher is pulling together all those with particular responsibilities for the liturgical side of our parish and those who coordinate the various liturgical ministries. This gathering will look at ensuring that each of our ministers is formed and supported, as well as providing a real opportunity to reflect upon what we do as a community of prayer. The meeting aims, also, at allowing each of those coordinators to communicate with one another and facilitate a planning of what takes place here when it comes to our prayer.

ST BRENDAN’S OPEN EVENING: Thursday 9 February from 6.00pm until 9.00pm. Full details on the notice board in the narthex.

MISSING BAMBINO FROM CHRISTMAS: If you have accidentally picked up someone’s figure of the baby Jesus from midnight Mass this Christmas, please can you let FrC have it so that it can be reunited with someone’s remaining figures.

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