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What can I give Him?

What can I give Him?

  – What can I give Him?

Those words have crossed my mind several times during Advent, though admittedly with my brother-in-law in mind, rather than the Child in the manger.  However, the question we asked in the Bleak Midwinter comes to the fore most especially now, as we concentrate on the manifestation of the Word made flesh at the Epiphany.

For the purposes of our reflection, let’s address this question in the way that we might address it when asked of a dear relation.

– Well, what does He want?

 Jesus is more subtle than a 7-year old: He is not going to come to me with an item circled in an open catalogue but perhaps He is asking something specific of me.   I’m only going to know if I listen prayerfully to Him.

– What does He like?

His friends tell me that –
He loves a cheerful giver;
He loves to see faith, for example the faith of the Centurion;
He loves metanoia, the repentant change of heart, of Zacchaeus;
He loves the generosity of the poor widow who gives her mite;
He loves the humility of the repentant publican;
He loves spending time with his friends.


 – What do I have to offer Him that He might find useful?

I have the talents He gave me to offer in His service;
I have my time to give for those He loves, namely the poor and needy;
I have my wealth to give to those He loves.

– Perhaps He’d like a subscription – something He’d really enjoy?

 Stay with me – I’m not being flippant.  At this time of year, when we have made New Year’s resolutions, perhaps we could make one that is simply and solely for the love of Christ.  What can we undertake for a year as pure gift to Him, for no other reason than for love of Him who first loved us?

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