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The new boy: St Mark

The new boy: St Mark

We’re standing yet again on the threshold of a new liturgical year.  This one goes by the name of ‘B’ and takes St Mark for its Evangelical guide.

We have the whole year to enjoy discovering the Jesus revealed to us through St Mark’s writing… but we would really benefit from reading the whole Gospel over the next few days.

In reading the Gospel swiftly, like a novel, we gain a good overview of its style and content and so many aspects of it will show themselves – like themes running through several chapters – which would remain hidden if we only ever approached the Gospel slowly and in small chunks.

Through reading a whole Gospel, we come to know the Evangelist (and St Peter, in this Gospel) much more intimately than we do when reading short passages.

There are only 16 chapters: come on, let’s dive in!

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