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Thirtieth Sunday of the Year

Thirtieth Sunday of the Year

23 October 2011 – Thirtieth Sunday of the Year (A)


THIS SUNDAY: When you look at something like the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and see its 691 pages, or look at the 2,000 pages of the big Jerusalem Bible, you can be forgiven for thinking that Christianity is a complicated affair. But Jesus reminds us today that it is essentially very simple: everything can be summed up in two basic rules: love God, love your neighbour. Exodus backs this up, by talking about the simple love that we must show to each other. Not that this is easy – love is always costly, and involves some degree of sacrifice. We will have to change, to become perfect in love; but it is possible, and when we do, like the people of Thessalonica, we become a great example to people everywhere.

WORLD MISSION SUNDAY: Every year we spend this Sunday reflecting upon those who bring the Gospel – in word and in action – to peoples and nations around our world. This weekend gives us a real opportunity to reflect upon how we are missionary, how we preach the gospel through the lives we lead. We are invited to those those on and in Mission through our gift to the APF Missio. Many of you support the missions through your red boxes. We may not be able to leave everything to bring the gospel to foreign lands, but we can support them with our help and our prayers. The retiring collection this weekend goes to support Missio.

NEW ALTAR MISSALS: News is that the new missals for the altar should be with us during this coming week. FrC will arrange for the list of intentions to be etched into the front plates of the altar missal thanks to the kindness of donations that have come in. The Sunday Missals should arrive in the next two or three weeks in readiness for Advent. Watch this space.

FIFTY YEARS ON – VATICAN II: The series got off to a fantastic start last Tuesday. The next date for your diary is Tuesday 6 December, 7.30pm in our cathedral when Fr James Hanvey SJ will explore Lumen Gentium and Gaudium et Spes, inviting us to think about being the Church in the contemporary world.

VESPERS AND THE ROSARY: To end this beautiful month of the Holy Rosary, there will be Vespers and Devotions next Sunday – 30 October – at 4.00pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to pray together as families and as a parish community, entrusting ourselves, through the psalms, through the Rosary, to the gentle Lord who keeps us close to him.

FIRST COMMUNION 2012 – PARENTS MEETING: Once again, we begin to think about preparation for First Communion. Parents of children in Year 3 of primary school who are considering putting their children forward for preparation beginning in January are invited to meet with Fr Christopher in the Church on Thursday 3 November at 7.00pm. This will be a short meeting outlining the programme for both children and, this year, for parents as well. The application forms as well as complete list of dates for the preparation programme will be available on that evening. If you need to get in touch with FrC before then, please do give him a call. The preparation for First Confession will take place during Advent (December) and then First Communion preparation will begin in January. It is so important that children are ‘registered’ for this year’s programme at that November meeting and don’t miss out.

FEAST OF ALL SAINTS: Tuesday 1 November is a holyday of obligation. There will be two Masses that day – 10.00am with our children in school, and then 7.30pm in the evening in Church. The Wednesday, 2 November is the commemoration of All Souls. There will be two Masses that day, also: 9.30am and 7.00pm. It’s not a holyday of obligation, but it is an important celebration nevertheless. The list of Masses for the month of November can be found on the notice board. If you want to allocate a Mass for a particular intention then please print the name of the intention on the sheet – one intention per Mass, only, please. If you would kindly pop the name on an envelope and give it to FrC that would help enormously. Keep an eye on the newsletter for the intention during the week… just in case there are changes to the time of Mass.

BLESSING OF GRAVES: There will be a Blessing of graves on All Souls’ Day at Whitchurch cemetery at 2.00pm. If you have loved ones buried there, do join FrC for that short blessing. If you have a jam jar with a little night light, maybe bring that along with you.

MASS OF WELCOME: As last year, we will welcome the children who have started at the primary school along with their families on Sunday 6 November at 10.30am. It’s an important celebration to enable us to foster those necessary links with our parish school.

FIRST FRIDAY SOUP LUNCH: Our first Friday soup lunches started well. The next takes place on Friday 4 November. There will be exposition of the Blessed Sacrament after the morning Mass until midday. A hearty, simple soup lunch will be served in the hall from 12.15pm. All are welcome and your offerings go to support those in need both at home and overseas.

LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR: The Little Sisters are with us again on Saturday 5/Sunday 6 November making an appeal for their most valuable work at St Joseph’s. Also, you might like to make note of the Bingo night on Saturday 26 November (7.30pm) to raise money for the Little Sisters. Supper for £5 and bingo cards available on the night. Details of how you can get a ticket will be available next weekend. All welcome.

CHRISTMAS MASSES: It’s two months away yet, but if you feel there would be a take up if we were to have a Vigil Mass of Christmas – focused on our families and our children – at 6.00pm on Christmas Eve, then please just have a word with FrC. We might have this in addition to our midnight Mass and Mass on Christmas Day. If there would be no take up or need then we’ll stick with what we usually have.

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