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Twenty Third Sunday of the Year

Twenty Third Sunday of the Year

4 September 2011 – Twenty Third Sunday of the Year

THIS SUNDAY: “No man is an island…” How true this is for those who follow Christ: each of us has responsibilities towards each other, based on our ‘debt of mutual love’. When we see wickedness and wrongdoing, then because of our privileged position of following the Lord Jesus, we have a duty to speak out. This will not always be easy – remember the prophet Jeremiah last week – but this was the mission of the Lord Jesus himself, and as his followers, it is our mission too. As with everything, love is ‘the answer to every one of the commandments.’

NEW TRANSLATION OF THE ROMAN MISSAL: History in the making as we begin to use the new texts of the Roman Missal. We begin to familiarise ourselves with and use the texts, we have until Advent to ‘get accustomed’ to these texts that part of the English speaking world is already using. Mass cards will be used each week to ease us into these new prayers that we pray and we listen to. We’ll also start to get to grips with the music affected by the new translation, too. This is a great opportunity for us to think and reflect upon what we are saying and praying. Please leave the Mass cards behind after Mass so that they can be used again.

FIRST-STAGE-LAST BIKE RIDE: Gordon Hodgson set off this last Friday intending to cycle from St. Bernadette’s to Paris, Chartres and Lisieux thereby completing the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Gordon hopes to raise as much sponsorship money as possible for our Outreach projects.

PAPAL VISIT – ONE YEAR ON: In celebration of the first anniversary of the visit of the Holy Father this September, Ann Widdecombe is coming to St John’s, Bath, to reflect upon the impact and legacy on the historic visit of Pope Benedict last September. Wednesday 21 September at 7.30pm. Pop the date in your diaries and go along. It is set to be a most informative, reflective and interesting evening.

ONE YEAR ON EXHIBITION: This fantastic exhibition opened on Friday evening and carries through until the start of October. The stunning images of the papal visit from the papal photographer, Marcin Mazur, are at the Grant Bradley Gallery, Bedminster Parade – Monday to Saturday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. It’s a wonderful setting to pop into and you can get free parking at Asda behind the gallery. Entrance to the gallery is free and there’s a wonderful café there, too.

FIFTY YEARS ON – VATICAN II: Beginning this October our diocese is hosting a series of seven talks/lectures inviting us to re-engage with the teachings and the documents of the Second Vatican Council which began October 1962. Starting on Tuesday 18 October, Bishop Declan opens the series. The talks take place at the Cathedral and start at 7.30pm. Have a look at the Adult Education and Evangelisation newsletter on the narthex notice board. There is also be a poster on the board giving full details

THE NEW MISSAL DONATIONS: Thanks for the donations received so far. There’s still time if you want to add your donation, most especially if in memory of someone. The list of names in whose memories the Missals will be inscribed is on the notice board – please check the spelling in case of typos!

CLOW TRAINING: Sr Jackie Brain is leading a formation morning on 24 September at Christ the King from 10.00am – 12.30pm. Open to all those who are engaged with Children’s Liturgy, it should be a great opportunity for resources and ideas. Please get in touch with Sr Joanna in Filwood Broadway if you intend to go along by 12 September. You can contact Sr Joanna on 0117 966 4854.

FRIDAY FASTING: Tied in with marking the first anniversary of the Holy Father’s visit last September, our bishops are inviting us to take up, once again, the practice of Friday fasting and abstinence beginning 16 September. They are inviting us re-establish the discipline of not eating meat on a Friday as a sign of penance and witness to our faith, giving Fridays back that characteristic of penance so that just as each Sunday gives us a glimpse of Easter, so each Friday give us a glimpse and a reminder of Good Friday and the sacrifice he made out of love for us.

MARY THERESA ALLWARD RIP: Mary’s (Mary Puddy’s daughter) Requiem Mass will be celebrated on Thursday 8 September at 11.00am. May she rest in peace.

THE FLOODS! It looks as if the water has dried up from the carpet in the Church. Apologies if you went away with wet soles or handbags! The downpipes could not cope with the sudden deluge of water from last Friday’s downpour. The pipes are standard domestic sized and are inadequate to cope with all the water from the flat roof. The water comes up from the floor of the confessional and from the inspection cover in the single toilet. The Church, hall and presbytery got the full force of all that water… however, it could have been worse!

FORUM GROUP meets this coming Thursday at 7.00pm in the presbytery.

THE DIARY OF GOD: This simple and uncomplicated series delving into the Scriptures is being hosted by Sacred Heart, Westbury-on-Trym, and St Paul’s, Yate. Both courses begin in November and run over eight sessions. There is a poster in the narthex giving you full details. If you want a booking form, do ask FrC.

READERS PREPARATION EVENING: our readers are invited along to their annual get-together on Tuesday 4 October at 7.00pm here in the Church and the hall. The new translation to the Missal gives us an opportunity to reflect, once again, upon the ministry of reading in Church. All are readers are asked to come along for this hour together.

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