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Thirteenth Station

Thirteenth Station

Thirteenth Station – Jesus Is Taken Down From The Cross

Mary has been among the faithful following her Son not just along this particular journey but through the journey that announced the Kingdom. She had embraced that Good News as she held within her womb expectantly the Word that God would speak to us. She had embraced that Word made flesh in the Bethlehem stable. She had cared for the child of Nazareth in his little stumblings, nursing, perhaps, a little grazed knee. Now the Son who promised life in its fullness is placed in her arms once again, drained of all life and drained, so it seemed, of all promise and hope. In her sorrow, she is alone although she is at one with her Son. Nicodemus and the Arimathean stand with her in her sorrow and her suffering; the Belovéd and the Magdalene stand with her in her grief and her emptiness. Their hope snuffed out so brutally, all the Mother can do, all those around her can do, is cling to him in his seeming lifelessness.


The world around them begins to walk away. It is all over; their work accomplished as his is now accomplished. Now they must return to whatever awaits them; the community of the Crucified Lord remains at the foot of the cross with the one whom they have followed in life. But they have no time to linger. The sun has set on his life and the sun is setting now on this day.  In haste they must move on and move away.


Lord, in moments of darkness I am tempted to despair. In moments of chaos I am tempted to give in. Let me know the maternal love of your Mother. Teach me to rely on her love and her compassion, learning from her example. Let me find myself being led to you by her guiding hand.


I love Thee, Jesus; my love above all things;
I repent with my whole heart of having offended Thee.
Never permit me to separate myself from Thee again.
Grant that I may love Thee always,
and then do with me what Thou wilt.

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