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Sixth Station

Sixth Station

Sixth Station – Veronica Wipes The Face Of Jesus

There is a woman in the crowd named Veronica.  She sees the sweat that stings in the cuts on Jesus’ face and the blood that has trickled down from the thorn marks and into his eyes, but what can she do?  Very little… but she does that little.  In her hands she gathers up a cloth and her courage and breaks through the mocking crowd.  She gently wipes Jesus’ face, taking as much time as she dares to allow him to rest… and thus she gives Our Saviour a short respite from his agonising journey.


God will never be outdone in generosity.  Here, through his divinity, Jesus offered an image of his humanity to one who did what little she could to help him bear his cross.


So often, Lord, my heart is moved with compassion when I learn of the suffering of others.  Yet all too often I shake my head, as I think there is nothing I can do to help.  Grant me the grace, Lord, to see as you see; to recognise what it is that I can do and – like Veronica – may I have the courage to do it.  Even when there is nothing practical I can do to help, I can always pray.  Grant me, Lord, selflessness in my prayer of supplication, that I may never fail to remember the needs of others before my own.


I love Thee, Jesus; my love above all things;
I repent with my whole heart of having offended Thee.
Never permit me to separate myself from Thee again.
Grant that I may love Thee always,
and then do with me what Thou wilt.

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