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Nineteenth Sunday of the Year

Nineteenth Sunday of the Year

7 August 2011 – Nineteenth Sunday of the Year (A)

THIS SUNDAY:  How does God reveal himself to us? Most of the time, in precisely the way we do not expect! This is what happened to Elijah: we expect God – all-powerful, almighty – to appear in dramatic effects of nature; but no, God is in a gentle breeze. Similarly in the Gospel: the disciples do not expect Jesus to come towards them walking on the lake – but he does. And when God is revealed in the unexpected, he gives courage and strength: Elijah was afraid when he went to Horeb, but was strengthened by his encounter with God to continue his mission; in the same way the disciples are given courage and faith by the Lord who walks to them on the waters.

FIRST-STAGE-LAST BIKE RIDE: Following on from bike rides in 2007 across Spain and in 2009 through France, Gordon Hodgson intends to cycle from St. Bernadette to Paris, Chartres and Lisieux to complete the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Leaving on 2nd September, Gordon hopes to raise as much sponsorship money as possible for our Outreach projects. Sponsorship forms are available and your support and generosity would be appreciated.

NEXT SUNDAY: we celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption. The celebration is transferred to the Sunday from the Monday.

THE DIARY OF GOD: There is another chance to pick up this engaging course dipping into deepening our understanding of the scriptures in the autumn. Sacred Heart, Westbury-on-Trym and Chipping Sodbury are hosting the course in November onwards. There is a poster in the narthex for you to peruse and consider. More details and booking forms will follow later.

ONE YEAR ON: In celebration of the first anniversary of the visit of the Holy Father this September, Ann Widdecombe is coming to St John’s, Bath, to reflect upon the impact and legacy on the historic visit of Pope Benedict last September. Wednesday 21 September at 7.30pm. Pop the date in your diaries and go along. It is set to be a most informative, reflective and interesting evening. There will also be a photographic exhibition of some of the stunning images from the papal photographer, Marcin Mazur, at the Grant Bradley Gallery from 3 September to 1 October, Bedminster Parade – Monday to Saturday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. The gallery are hosting the exhibition for us. It’s a wonderful setting to pop into. Its free and there’s a wonderful café there, too.

FIFTY YEARS ON – VATICAN II: Beginning this October our diocese is hosting a series of seven talks/lectures inviting us to re-engage with the teachings and the documents of the Second Vatican Council which began October 1962. Starting on Tuesday 18 October, Bishop Declan opens the series. The talks take place at the Cathedral and start at 7.30pm. Have a look at the Adult Education and Evangelisation newsletter on the narthex notice board. There is also be a poster on the board giving full details

NEW TRANSLATION OF THE ROMAN MISSAL: As you know, the English speaking world receives a new translation of the Missal from the autumn of this year. From September, we will begin to use and familiarise ourselves with these new texts. The Mass remains the same, but the words we use and the some of the words we hear will alter. Beginning next month, FrC will make available Mass cards detailing the new texts for the Mass and so we start to familiarise ourselves with these fresh texts. If you would like to order a new Missal – either Sunday or weekday – then you will be able to place an order through the Parish. It seems that the CTS are printing initial copies of both Sunday and Weekday missals (although the weekday includes the Sunday readings and texts as well). £18 for the Sunday missal and £45 for the weekday Missal. The parish does receive a discount on top of that. They are printed to the same high quality spec as the altar missals. If you would like to order one, please add your name to the list in the narthex.

WHAT’S IN A WORD: After gathering and uniting ourselves as a worshipping community by our opening hymn or antiphon, the first word we say is “Amen” in response to the Sign of the Cross. This word is not changing in the New Translation – because it is not actually translated! The word “Amen” is a Hebrew word, showing agreement or confirmation – “So be it”, “It is so”. In the Scriptures we find it in Our Lord’s mouth many times, and it is used in Jewish and Muslim prayer as well as in our own Christian Liturgy. We will say this word at least ten times in Mass – sometimes more. When we use it, what meaning do we put into the word? Or is it just a verbal full stop which does not mean a great deal? Saying “Amen” is all about affirming truth and certainty – crying out “Yes, it’s true”. Think of all the moments in the Mass when you are asked to say “Amen”: you are being asked “Do you believe this? Is this true?” A heartfelt “Amen” proclaims “Yes!”

THE NEW MISSAL: With the new translation comes a new edition of the missal. The Altar one costs £230 and the smaller presider’s missal costs £115. If you would like to contribute towards the cost of the new missal, most especially in memory of someone who has gone before us in faith, please do let FrC have your donation and, if given in memory, make sure you write the name clearly. The donors’ names will be inscribed in the front plate of the missal when they arrive. Donations have started coming in – thank you for your kindness. The Missals, properly inscribed, will be on display before we begin to use them.

FATHER LASZLO KASZA from Romania and who is studying in Rome, is with us again this summer for most of the month of August. He will be supplying for FrC whilst he is away on holiday in the middle of August. We give Fr Laszlo a warm Whitchurch welcome and hope he enjoys being with us once again. Do please make a note of the times during this coming week. Fr Laszlo is at school during the day and will celebrate Mass each weekday evening.

CLOW TRAINING: Sr Jackie Brain is leading a formation morning on 24 September at Christ the King from 10.00am – 12.30pm. Open to all those who are engaged with Children’s Liturgy, it should be a great opportunity for resources and ideas. FrC has more information.

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