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My call to become an Extraordinary Minister

My call to become an Extraordinary Minister

My call to become an Extraordinary Minister

Nearly three years ago I received a letter inviting me to become a minister of Holy Communion. I knew straight away I would accept the invitation which had come from our parish priest, Father Christopher.

All the new ministers who included me attended a training session at our church (St Bernadette’s).  During the training Father Christopher explained the correct procedures of giving communion to the congregation by both kinds i.e. The Host and The Chalice. We all had questions, for example ‘what if we dropped the host or spilt the wine’? Father Christopher calmed our fears and told us what to do if this should occur.

We then had practical sessions each taking it in turn to either give or receive the body and blood of Christ.

When the session ended we thanked Father Christopher and went away feeling much more confident.

In due course my name appeared on the rota and on that Sunday morning I came mentally prepared. I also prayed to God, asking that I carry out this ministry with love and reverence and of course to the best of my ability.

Naturally I was nervous, but knowing that Father Christopher was there and would help with a nod, whisper or gesture was reassuring.

As the weeks went by I became more confident, and Father asked whether I would like to take communion to parishioners who are housebound or ill and therefore cannot attend Mass easily. I readily accepted and find this part of the ministry to very rewarding.

Finally, I have to say it is an honour and privilege to help   and serve our priest and parish in administering the body and blood of Christ.

God Bless You All

Delphine Street


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